Frequently Asked Questions

Helio Broadband Frequently Asked Questions



This list is hopefully a comprehensive list of questions to address the common questions we have received. We update this list as needed when we get the same question a few times.


Q: How quick can I get my service activated?

A: With the link that you should have received activation is immediate, you will receive an email once you select a rate plan you will receive a welcome email with details. If there is a router installed in your unit you will receive the wifi details in the welcome email.


Q: Can I have access to the Managed Router that you provide in my unit?

A: We provide a managed router at no cost that will remain in the unit. We are not blocking ports on the managed router. Should you need access for other reasons we have no problem with you providing your own router but please remember that the router in your unit must remain in the unit and be reconnected once you leave.


Q: How can I change or open my Wifi settings (WiFi name or Password) on the router you provide?

A: We manage this router we will update these settings on an as needed basis, generally we will maintain the SSID the same and will change the password as needed just email and we will assign a new password for you. We don’t allow open access points on our network for security reasons.


Q: Can I factory reset the router in my unit, I want to make changes to it.

A: Sorry, no this will result in a charge for a dispatch and reconfiguration of the router should this be done. If there is something you need please let us know, in most cases this is really not necessary.


Q: What is your policy on file sharing, Movies, Music, etc.

A: This is really black and white and is governed by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, essentially the short answer is don’t do it. The longer answer is we will provide a warning that the activity is illegal and usually this solves it with the activity stopping. Should it continue we will as needed suspend service to resolve the issue from continuing on our Network. In very rare cases we may receive a subpoena to release information which we will comply with.

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