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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a comprehensive list to address the common questions we have received! If you don't see your question listed, please feel free to reach out through the Contact Us tab, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


About Helio Broadband

Is Helio available everywhere?

For the foreseeable future, Helio is only offered at the apartment complexes with which we are partnered. 


Does Helio Broadband offer discounts?

Helio keeps our rates low and does not offer any discounts for anyone, including students, AARP members, senior citizens, or active military. 


What is your policy on file sharing, Movies, Music, etc.?

This is really black and white and is governed by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the short answer is: don’t do it. The longer answer is that we will provide a warning that the activity is illegal, and this typically resolves the issue. Should violations continue, we will suspend service as necessary to resolve the issue from continuing on our Network. In very rare cases, we may receive a subpoena to release information, which we will comply with.


Is there a network outage? 

Please check for information on network outages in your area. 


What service packages does Helio offer?

Helio currently offers two options, a 100Mb service and a 1Gb service. 100Mb is $45/mo and is going to cover your average home’s internet needs, such as smart devices and work-from-home streams. 1Gb is $89/mo and would be necessary for a home with many connected devices, or one which utilizes heavy streaming content, such as livestream gaming. 




How do I start my service with Helio?

Until your lease is signed, we will not be able to sign you up for Helio. Once you have signed your lease, your leasing agents will reach out to Helio and provide us with your information to set you up for service, and you will receive an automated email with information on how and when to set up your connection! 


How quickly can I activate my service?

With the link that you should have received, activation is immediate. If there is a Helio-managed router installed in your unit, you will receive your wifi details in the welcome email. 


I didn’t receive my activation email?

Please allow a few minutes for the email to arrive. Check your Spam folder. If you still have not received your email, reach out to Please be aware that your email will not have arrived if you have not signed your lease. 


Will I be charged for using the provided router?

Not at all, use of the provided router is complementary of Helio!


Are there any additional fees on top of the regular billing cycle for service?

Nope! Helio does not charge any additional service or installation fees, you only pay for the connection you receive. The only additional fees charged are for pressing the Factory Reset button on your router, which is different from the Power button on the back, which we always ask you not to do.


May I use my own router?

Yes, of course. If you have a customer-owned router, please contact for more information.




I’m having trouble with my password!

Please visit to access your customer portal. If you need your password sent to you, you can click the “Email Login Information” button to have this information sent to you. 


I’m moving, will I be able to keep my service?

Yes! So long as your building supports Helio, you will be able to retain your service and activation with us. Please check with your property manager about whether or not they offer Helio in their building. If the answer is yes, you are more than welcome to transfer your current service with no additional fees.


I’m moving, should I take my router with me?

If you are using a Helio-managed router, we ask that you please keep it in your current unit, as your new unit will have its own router for you to use. Routers missing from their unit will result in a $250 charge. Helio will remain active within both apartment units until the transfer has been completed, which will not affect your billing in any way. You will receive new activation details upon your move.


Can I have access to the Managed Router that you provide in my unit?

We provide a managed router at no cost that will remain in the unit. We are not blocking ports on the managed router. Should you need access for any other reason, we have no problem with you providing your own router, but please remember that the Helio router in your unit must remain in the unit and be reconnected once you leave.


How can I change or open my Wifi settings (Wifi name or Password) on the router you provide? 

We manage this router, so we will update these settings on an as-needed basis, and customers may not make these changes. Email and we will assign a new password for you if necessary. We don’t allow open access points on our network for security reasons.


Can I factory reset the router in my unit? I want to make changes to it.

No, and in most cases, this is not necessary. Factory Resetting your router will result in a $100 charge to you for a dispatch and reconfiguration of the router. If there is something you need, please let us know!


I’m experiencing an issue with my Helio speeds!

We suggest rebooting your router, which is typically located in the bedroom closet. To reboot, please unplug the power cable, wait 10 seconds, and then plug it back in. The router will take roughly 2-3 minutes before it is back online. Please don’t press the reset button on the back of the router, as this will result in a factory reset and further delay your ability to use your connection. It may also result in a $100 customer support fee, charged to you.


When I have a problem, should I call or email Support?

Either option will work, whichever you’re most comfortable with. Response times may vary depending on call volume and department needed to resolve your inquiry, but we typically respond same-day.




Where do I pay online?

Please go to to log into your account. From there, on the left-hand bar, select “Make a Payment,” and follow the steps to input your payment information. While you have the option to decline stored payment methods, please be aware that instances of refunds will take much longer to process. 


May I pay over the phone instead?

We accept payments over the phone, but we do discourage this route. If you would like help setting up recurring charges or need assistance with your customer portal, please email and let us know! 


Can I set up recurring payments?

Yes! Please follow the steps outlined here: to set up AutoPay on your account. AutoPay also allows for a smoother refund process, should one ever need to occur.


Are there any additional fees I should worry about?

The only additional fees we might charge would be late fees and bounced-payment fees, when applicable.



Canceling Service

How can I cancel my Helio service?

If you know you are moving out soon, please plan to let Helio know on the same day you let your apartment know.

Please reach out to our billing team, either by phone or by email at with your name and the date you wish to cancel.

Helio is month-to-month, and therefore you must notify Helio by the 25th of the prior month in order for your cancellation date to be scheduled on your day of choice. Letting us know after the 25th means your service will end on the last day of the month. A tenant moving in after you may override your end date, and could result in a prorated refund to you. Helio Broadband cannot guarantee move-ins. 

For example, if you intend to move out during February, you will need to notify Helio by January 25th if you would like to receive a prorated bill. If you notified us on January 26th or later, the earliest we could set your termination would be the last day of February. 


I gave enough notice, but I was billed for a full month. Aren’t I supposed to get a prorated bill?

Yes! You are only responsible for the prorated amount. However, Helio’s automated system is not currently equipped to calculate your prorate until service has ended, and will automatically bill you for a full month on the 1st. Because of this, you have two options upon receiving this bill:

    1. Wait until the day after your service end date to view and pay your prorate. Helio service ends at 11:59pm on the date selected, and the system should automatically update your charge on the following day. This will allow you to see what your prorate is, and to pay it from there. Be aware that if your end date is after the 20th of the month, a $5 late charge will be added to your account that Helio is not responsible for. 
    2. Pay the month in full, and then follow the following link to receive a refund to your account: These steps will be outlined in the cancellation confirmation email that you should receive from Helio. Please allow 2-3 business days for a refund to occur. 
      • If you are signed up for AutoPay, this refund process will happen automatically with no further action needed. 
      • If you are signed up to pay manually, you will need to follow the link above, call Helio’s support line, or wait for monthly refund checks to be written and sent out. 


I didn’t set up AutoPay, when can I expect to receive a refund check?

Refunds are processed around the first week of the month, and mail can typically expect a week or two until delivery. Be aware that a paper check cannot be sent without a forwarding address, which we are currently provided through your apartment complex. Helio Broadband is not responsible for lost or stolen mail.