Current Network Status

11/17/2022 – 2:30PM – Power has been restored to our HUB building in the Hollywood area. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely given the current weather conditions.


11/17/2022 – 2:05PM – Our Hollywood HUB building has gone down. The latest restoration estimate is 1:30AM on 11/18/2022. We will provide more updates as we have more info.


11/17/2022 – 1:40PM – We are experiencing a power failure at one of our HUB buildings in the Hollywood area, this will affect Hollywood Apartments, Ann’de Lee, Tillamook Lofts , 41@Tillamook  & Halsey 28. We will post updates as we receive them, current estimation of power being restored is 5:30PM today.


If you are experiencing connection or speed issues with your network in one of our buildings and it is not listed above, we suggest you reboot your router which is typically located in the bedroom closet. To reboot, please unplug the power cable, wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in. The router will take roughly 2-3 minutes before it is back online. Please don’t press the reset button on the back of the router as this will result in a factory reset of the router and further delay you being able to use your connection.