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About Helio Broadband

Helio Broadband maintains it's own Fiber Optic network in select areas where we can provide the best service to our customers.
Who is Helio Broadband?

Who doesn’t get tired of dropped connections and frustrating service? We were once big-box customers, too, and we decided we were sick of providers who broke their promises. With Helio Broadband, you are our top priority, and that means no taxes, no hidden fees, no data caps, no service contracts, and instant connectivity! Helio is built with you in mind, and continues to strive for the excellence that only a local company can provide. We’re your choice for a faster − no, a better internet experience!


Based in the Portland metro and offered at partnered multi-tenant buildings, Helio comes preinstalled in every unit and offers instant connectivity with no need to schedule installation. We offer you faster speeds, faster downloads, and faster service with our 24/7 customer service support. Whether you work from home, keep up with your shows, or want to stream for an audience, Helio Broadband has you covered!